Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Reflections and 2015 Resolutions

Here we go...another post about New Years Resolutions.
Last year my biggest resolution was to lose a certain amount of weight.
While I didn't reach that specific weight loss goal, I did lose over half the amount at 37 pounds!
I'm taking this as a huge win seeing as how, in addition, I lost 10% body fat, 8 inches off my chest, 8.5 inches off my waist, and 6.25 inches off my hips!
It's crazy to think I had that much to lose in the first place.
And it's even more crazy to think of how much further I have to go!

This year has been a roller coaster.
It was my first full year back at home.
I went through so many changes, and am still trying to process everything.
One blessing was getting to spend my Poppy's (Grandpa) last year with him.
He passed in late November at the age of 98!
 Poppy teaching me to play solitaire
We had a big family reunion/birthday celebration this summer.
Perfect timing as he began to go downhill quickly soon after.
Forever in our hearts.

Of course, you know all about {or a lot about, at least} my dating adventures over the past year.
If you live outside of Alaska, I don't think you'll ever truly understand the gravity of the situation up here.
An example:
A few weeks ago I met this guy.
He asked me on a date and we went out on a Wednesday night.
Thursday night, we were at the bar where he works {where we met} and this girl started talking to me about her ex.
She was a little drunk and was going on and on about him.
Friday night, I went back to said bar {I swear I'm not an alcoholic} and was approached by another guy.
So, I'm talking to him and boy number one is working behind the bar.
They start talking and I quickly realize they're friends.
As I continue to talk to the second guy, he says, "Shit, my ex is right over there..."
I turn around and see the girl from the night before.

This is what I have to work with up here.
Everyone knows everyone and has likely already dated someone you know.
I have seen all three of them multiple times since then and this past weekend I ran into a boy I had hoped to never see again.
He used me and hurt me and left me with no closure, but when he saw me he jumped at the chance to tell me how beautiful I was and how much he had liked me...but now he had a girlfriend and was happy.
I wanted to punch him.
I don't really want to say I'm giving up on dating, but my hopes aren't quite as high this year.

I guess the last high light was becoming management at work.
I won't lie and say I love retail and it's my path in life, but Sephora has been fun.
I have met a lot of great people and found some incredible products I will use for life.
I know I keep saying this, but I will be doing more posts about certain products that I use and love!

So anyways, my goals for 2015:

-Lose 33 pounds {for a grand total of 70 pounds in 2 years!!}
My first meal of 2015 was a donut, so not exactly starting strong...

-Move into my own apartment
I love not having to pay rent, but I'm ready for my own place again.

-Take guitar lessons
I've owned my guitar for 9 years and I can't play it at all.
I've already got an instructors number so hopefully I'll be a guitarist by the end of 2015!

-Worry less
I've always been a very joyful person. Optimistic. Happy.
As of late, I've been feeling a little down.
I know this is a combination of a lot of things {lack of sunshine, boy drama, feeling stuck in a rut}, but it tends to put me in a mood where I stress over the little things.
Like, what if I never go on a second date?
Will I ever reach my goal weight?
Why can't I just finish my masters already and have a fulfilling career?!
I have to take a step back and realize I'm only 27.
My life doesn't have to fit someone else's timeline.
As long as I'm doing what I need to do to get where I need to go, that's all I can do!
Wow, that was kind of a roundabout sentence...I think you get it.

So, those are my goals.
I'm sure I can accomplish at least 1! haha
Do you have any 2015 goals or favorite memories of 2014?

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