Thursday, April 2, 2015

Products I'm Loving and Life Update

Oh, hey there!
Yep, still alive.
The past several months have been a whirlwind.
So many heartaches, so many changes, so much growing.
What kind of changes, you might ask?
One major change I made recently was with my job.
I went part time at Sephora and got a full time specialist position at Apple!
I am beyond excited for this and feel a bit more on track with my future.
In January, I was the maid of honor in high school/current/always best friends' wedding!
It was in Austin, TX, so I got to cross off two things on my 35 by 35 {visiting a new city and being the maid of honor!}

 Yes, we know we look like sisters and people ask us that every time we're together.

 Downtown Austin <3

 Malorie {bridesmaid}, Amy {photographer/hair/makeup for bride}, me, and Allie!
I became fast friends with Malorie and Amy.
Allie sure knows how to pick good people.

 The bridal/lingerie shower!

 I flippin loved this dress!

 Me and Malorie, one of the other bridesmaids/new bestie!
She was so awesome!
Not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with how I did my hair/makeup.

I love the pictures!
Didn't Allie look gorgeous!?
My first Whataburger experience

That is a really, really quick life update.
Now, on to some favorite products!

I use this after I get waxes. 
I always get really bad bumps, redness, and ingrown hairs.
I've tried everything. Ev.Er.EEEE.THING!
Benedryl, exfoliating, trying different waxes, I don't work out after waxes, and I try to not wear clothes that rub on my skin.
This stuff has been my lifesaver lately.
While it doesn't completely stop ingrowns for me, it definitely helps calm down my skin and reduce redness.
I love the tiny bit of cooling/tingling sensation too.

This stuff has been amazing for my dry winter skin.
It's a scrub packed with coffee grounds, sweet almond oil, orange essence, and vitamins and minerals.
They claim it helps with dry skin, stretch marks, cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne, and scarring.
I mostly use it on my arms where I'm super dry.
My skin is left feeling soft and moisturized {not oily!}
I haven't noticed a huge difference in the stretch marks, but mine are old and pretty faint already.
I've only tried the original scrub, but there is also a coconut coffee scrub, cacao coffee scrub, and peppermint coffee scrub all targeting specific needs.
Give it a whirl, girl!

I'll leave it to those two for now.
I have a huge list compiled of products I want to talk about, just wanted to kick it off with a few I've been using a lot lately!
I will be back SOON.



  1. Those are the cutest bridesmaids dresses ever!! Lucky, I've had quite a few horrible ones in my time :)

    1. I've definitely had to wear some interesting bridesmaid dresses!

  2. Lindsey! I've missed your posts :) You've been so busy and you look amazing! xoxo