Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stitch Fix #5 Review

Hi friends!
Earlier this month I got my Stitch Fix while I was on vacation because I forgot to change the date.
If you don't know, you only have 3 days to send some items back if you don't like them.
So, I had my dad take pictures of the clothes so I could kind of see if I wanted to send anything back.
I was a little bummed because I asked for a pop of color {thinking hot pink or cobalt blue} and I got a merlot colored scarf instead.
It is cute and I will definitely wear it, I guess I will have to be super specific from now on with my requests because the stylists can't read my mind!
Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I got though.

 'Just Black' Faye Skinny Jean
I have really been liking the Just Black jeans I got in a couple of Fix's.
I asked for colorful or different jeans and these are dark grey.
I like that I'll be able to wear them with everything.
Verdict: Keep!

'Loveappella' Delana Flutter Sleeve Knit Top
I really like the idea of this top.
The fit is a little too stretchy and fitted for me, but the sleeves are so cute.
I will probably wear it under a jacket or blazer.
Verdict: Keep

Now, I love a good flowy top, but I said several times in my style profile on Stitch Fix that I hate bohemian styles.
I couldn't get a picture that showed all the details of the shirt, but my town has this party every Fall called the Pirate Pub Crawl and this would have been perfect for it.
I would have sent this back if I had been home, but I guess off to the consignment shop you go.
Verdict: Keep!...begrudgingly. 

'Octavia' Beau Fringe Infinity Scarf
I've never had an infinity scarf, but I put it on and liked it.
The shape and color add some fun to any neutral outfit.

'Fate' Roan Dress
I squealed when I saw this dress.
I had pinned soon many black, lace dresses.
My stylist for this box said she knew I'd love it because it looked almost exactly like one of the dresses I pinned.
She was right!
I can't wait to wear this for a super fancy date night or girls getaway!

It wasn't my favorite box, but the dress blew me away and I'm really happy with it.
For my next box I asked for a blazer, specifically pink, and something sparkly for upcoming birthday/holiday parties.
Hopefully, Stitch Fix delivers!
XO, Lindsey.

P.S. I was a little hasty with my review of the poncho on my Stitch Fix #4 review.
I actually ended up putting it on with skinny jeans, a casual t-shirt, and boots and I got so many compliments.
It actually was really cute!

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