Monday, January 25, 2016

Stich Fix #7

Yay for another Stich Fix!
I wish I had done a review for box #6, but I don't think I kept anything, or maybe just one item.
This month, I decided to keep two items for myself, and give one to my mom and send the other two back.
I've gotten a lot better at not keeping all five items just because I'd get a 25% discount.
I try to only keep items that I love and that fit me.
Although, I did keep a dress in this Fix that is a bit snug, but I loved it too much to send back!
I have so many clothes hanging in my closet that "will fit someday"...but that's a huge waste of money.
I plan on revamping my closet soon and consigning all my clothes that I don't wear or don't fit.
That will be a post for another day.
So, here's my latest Fix!
'41Hawthorn' Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress
This is the dress I kept because duh!
I love the color and fit and the price was on point.
Verdict: Keep

'Market & Spruce' Carly Graphic Print Cardigan
My stylist picked this because I love oversized sweaters and my Pinterest board has some aztec prints.
I fell in love with this at first sight.
Verdict: Keep

'Market & Spruce' Kristah Ruffle Knit Blazer
I wanted this to fit and look great on me!
Look how cute the back is... 
Unfortunately, the stretchy fabric and single button was not very flattering on me.
I asked my stylist to try sending another blazer with a more structured fit next time.
I also would prefer something with a pop of color.
Verdict: Return 

'Liverpool' Rizzo Skinny Pant
These were so cute!
I loved the idea of them.
No zipper, a little bit of a stretchy waist band, but not too stretchy to look like leggings.
The only problem was they were a little too loose around the calf/ankle area and bunched up.
I liked them so much I might have kept them, but they were very pricey and I was already keeping a dress that didn't fit quite yet.
Verdict: Return

The other item that I gave to my mom was a cowl neck top in grey and 3/4 length sleeves.
It was nice, but I already have maybe 4 grey sweaters from Stitch Fix.
That is one thing I am getting kind of tired of.
I keep asking for a bright pop of color and I continuously get black, navy, grey, and white with an occasional red thrown in.
Those tend to be the Fix's I keep the most, however, I am dying for a bright pink dress or yellow pants or a cobalt blue blazer.
I'm hoping in the Spring I'll get some more colors.
Click here to check out Stitch Fix for yourself!


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