Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stitch Fix and Nordstrom Sale

Hello friends!
This post is dedicated to my shopping addiction.
I haven't blogged about my latest Stitch Fix boxes even though they've been amazing, so I'm posting some stuff from that.
Then, the Nordstrom Sale happened {and still is happening}...the problem is, I work at the mall right around the corner from Nordstrom.
I went a little bananas shopping there.
Partially because I've lost some weight {20 pounds!} and needed clothes, and partially because I'm crazy.
So, let's start with the Stitch Fix items.
I'm convinced my stylist wants to be best friends because she keeps sending me the most amazing stuff!

These white jeans are amazing!
I was intimidated because there's so many things that go wrong wearing white jeans...
But I bought a nude thong and am prepared to rock these {even after Labor Day}.

I don't usually get a ton of accessories from Stich Fix.
Maybe one every other box.
But I squealed when I saw this amazing bag and earrings.

I love basics, I love neutrals, I love lace...
Jacqui {my stylist} managed to wrap all three in one item!

Again, another grey, basic top.
This one is the softest t-shirt material and I'm obsessed!

Can we TALK about this skirt!?
These colors are insane.
I can't wait to wear it with boots and a crisp white shirt this fall!

I asked for a faux leather jacket and Jacqui delivered!
I love love LOVE the stitching.
It reminds me of a Chanel bag.

I got a cute pair of green pants as well, but they are currently dirty because I've worn them a ton since I received them a few weeks ago.
Now on to my Nordstrom purchases.

I love S'well water bottles.
They keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.
I have a smaller pink bottle and wanted a larger one.
As my niece says, "You had a pink one and now you have an orange one. Do you need both?"
Yes, Olivia, I need both!

I finally did it!
Tory Burch riding boots.
I have wanted a pair forever!
The problem is, the calf is sooooo slim.
If Nordstrom can't stretch the calf a bit I will sadly have to return these.

Recently work decided we have to wear closed toed shoes.
This was a real bummer because I love wearing my Birkenstock sandals.
But then, I found these, and all was right in the world.

AG Jeans.
These are also dirty so I took the picture from Nordstrom's website.
They are so comfy and such good quality!

So, even though I asked for a faux leather jacket, my heart really wanted a real leather jacket.
And my heart found that jacket.
And now my heart is full.

 I needed some new sports bras and these Nike ones are comfy and high performance without squishing my girls.

I didn't need workout pants, per se.
But...I saw these and really, really wanted them.
And that was good enough.

I hope you liked these and saw something maybe you need to rush out to purchase too.
Now, excuse me while I find a third job and weep into my empty wallet.
Bye Loves!

XO Lindsey

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