Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Adventures

Hello all!
Will I ever get better at posting more often?
Probably not.
Between 2 jobs, a boyfriend, and all the Netflix shows I need to catch up on, I've been pretty busy.
I thought I would share a few pictures from the last few months with you.

My parents went to Europe and brought back some Parisian Macarons.
They were heavenly!
They also brought back some...

 ...Some Rose´!
I'm trying to get artistic with these photos, but really they're just Instagram filters...

 My honey and I plane watching at Point Woronzof in AK.

 Probably the best picture I ever have taken or will take.

At the Wildlife Conservation.

The little bear behind us.

Our most recent trip to Seward.
We went to the Sea Life Center and walked along the water.
It was about 80ยบ and we got a little burnt too.

Hunter and I have been trying to maximize the Summer weather and long hours of daylight.
I work 2 retail jobs and he works nights so the time we do have together is precious.
We love to go on drives and adventures and see places we've never been to before.

 One such trip/drive we found this little guy.
Alaska is amazing.

Our most recent adventure, fishing on the Kenai.

As our 1 year anniversary is approaching in a little over 1 week, I can't help but think about all the amazing adventures ahead!

Tell me about some of your summer adventures!

xo Lindsey

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