Thursday, June 19, 2014

Switching It Up

Ever since I was little I have been around hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiast.
Much of that has to do with the fact that I live in Alaska and my family is very much into those things.
Sure, I've done some fishing throughout the years, gone to the shooting range, and I slept in a tent...once.

Fishing in Seward, AK 2011

I wasn't usually taken on these trips because they were deemed "man trips".During my time in Virginia I became friends with some guys who were really into that outdoorsy lifestyle and loved to go out hiking, camping, fishing, etc...
I think it had to do with their perception of me being too girly, though.
Now that I am back in Alaska, I've had this extreme desire to become more outdoorsy.
And since the love life has come to a screeching halt {I don't foresee a third date with Mr. Online because apparently ignoring me is the best way to get out of seeing me'll hear more on that later, I'm sure} it looks like I have all the time in the world to focus on myself and what I want to do!
This is why I've decided to take a class through the Department of Fish & Game called BOW: Becoming an Outdoors Woman.
I love that the focus is to empower women and make them more confident in the outdoors.
There are classes for fishing, kayaking, shooting, hunting...everything.
The first class I signed up for is an intro to bow hunting and I cannot wait!
I will be learning about hunting and shooting the bow.
My inspiration is Eva Shockey!
I want that bow and I want those boots!

She is girly, hunts in pink camo, and is engaged to a hockey player.
She basically stole my dream life.
Anyway, through this class I am hoping to gain more confidence, maybe meet some friends, and try my skills at the great outdoors.
I think my dad is kind of proud that his little girl is finally showing some interest in hunting.
Guess I better start saving up for those hunting trips! ;)
Anyway, I'm off to the food truck festival with my momma.
I'm dreaming of tacos, burgers, and cupcakes already!

XO Linds

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